Jon Herbster, Co-Owner

Jon has been working in the industry since 1993. A pioneer in custom car stereo installation systems, he quickly recognized that home theater automation and systems integration was gaining traction. Jon transitioned to home theater installations shortly thereafter. Over the years he has remained focused on developing state of the art modular systems that will meet the needs of virtually any client.

Matt Herbster, Co-Owner
Matt got his start in networking and IT solutions through an organization called "Bytes and Bits". Over the years, Matt has worked to develop networked solutions for both residential customers and commercial businesses. He brings in-depth programming and computer science expertise to the design and development of modular systems.

Jon and Matt joined forces in 2013 as Audio Innovations. As audio visual technology has become more integrated with computers and increasingly streaming centered, they saw a unique opportunity to combine their expertise and provide end to end solutions for their clients.

Unlike other companies who hire installers, they take pride in doing the work themselves, to some of the highest quality standards in the industry. They take customer service very seriously and guarantee their work. Jon and Matt look forward to consulting with you on how they can best meet your system needs.